Domain authority is a score (on a 100-point scale) that indicates how authoritative a website is on a particular topic. It’s based on data from Moz, including factors like linking root domains, number of links, MozRank, and Page Authority. A site with high domain authority will be more likely to rank higher in SERPs for queries related to that site’s content than sites with lower domain authority. Get detailed information about the reason behind low Domain Authority (DA), on this website:

How is it helpful?

Domain authority can be useful for SEO because it allows you to measure the likelihood of your website ranking highly on search engine results pages (SERPs). To improve your Domain Authority Score:

  • Increase the number of links pointing to your site
  • Improve the quality of those links
  • Maintain high levels of MozRank and Page Authority

What is DA Checker?

Domain Authority Checker

like Contconcord, is a tool that helps identify the Domain Authority (DA) of any website. DA indicates how influential a site may be in its particular field or niche and can give users an idea of how difficult it might be to rank for certain keywords on that domain. This information is useful for competitor analysis, SEO efforts, and link-building campaigns. The higher the Domain Authority score of your target website(s), the more authoritative they are considered by Google™.