Evolution, when Darwin termed this concept, it was not accepted on positive terms by the people and the scientific community. Rather a scientist who is now considered as the father of evolution theory was ridiculed just for his absurd idea. This evolution theory projects the most important and inevitable truth, which is Time.

A famous quote explains time very well, “don’t watch the clock do what it does. Keep going”. And that is what time is, it just keeps on going and going, never resting for a minute, never waiting for some to arrive, never longing for a companion or the right partner. Similarly, we as humans have a tendency to realize the value of time just when the ship has sailed. But for leaders, that ship should not sail, and they need to follow some tricks that will help them take time into cognizance when working


As a leader your primary task is to organize, and that you have to execute diligently. Leaders have a tendency to delegate their work upon the juniors, but this will only make matters worse. Instead, use a filing system, record all your tasks and prioritize them accordingly. Place all your files in one place so that you won’t have to face issues when searching them for again.

 Early Start:

You all must have heard of the cliché early bird catches the worm, well; it is undoubtedly true for a leader. Any leader no matter his stature and reputation need to have an early start, it is said that the morning time is the best to think and plan for the day. It will help you feel relaxed and give you more time to think, organize and also have a nice cuppa of tea in the morning. You can also use an appointment diary to plan your daily meetings and check the schedules this will help you prepare for the upcoming tasks and work streams.

Prepare your list:

You knew one of Stalin’s comrades used to recite everything that happened during the time he was with the dictator. He used to tell her when Stalin laughed and when not, to make sure that he can avoid the not-laughable or interesting things the next day. For a leader, the learning here is that jot down what all you are going to do tomorrow, take a pen and paper and write your tomorrow’s task starting with the high priority ones.

Work when traveling:

A healthy tip from various leaders is that they work efficiently during the flight time. It seems that you can do double the work in an airplane you can do when not traveling, this does not mean that when you want to focus, just hop on board and fly anywhere. Instead plan ahead the tasks you can do in the plane, like answering emails or writing some procedures, writing your speech (you are a leader; speeches are like your second favorite hobby).


Performing various tasks at once is like chasing two rabbits and catching none. A leader most important attribute is to focus on one task at a time, instead if you can think that performing all the tasks in one time is possible then be prepared to face some consequences. A leader should have a keen eye and swift decision-making skills, and for that to be possible, he/she needs to maintain a constant focus on one task and then move on to the next.

Productive time:

This fact is scientifically proven that humans the most active and filled with energy during some specific hours of the day. You need to find this time frame and leave the most important and delicate tasks to do in those hours. Some people have their prime time in the morning, other feel rejuvenated in the wee hours. You need to find out your time slot and work accordingly to save a lot of time focusing on the important tasks and leaving less time for all the other trivial tasks.

Emailing time:

When not traveling you need to fix a time for reading and sending emails, the recurrent checking of emails will waste a considerable amount of time. To ensure that you have delegated a time slot to check your emails, this will help you focus on other tasks in hand.