In any business, marketing is the number one consideration. This is no different in quail farming business. You may be drawn into this business to make a living or just because of passion, but your ultimate goal is one – to reap maximum profits. The quail business, just like any other business, cannot succeed if you lack well-defined and competitive marketing techniques.

So, if you are thinking of starting quail farming business, or you are already running this kind of business, here are some marketing techniques for you. These plans should be included in your quail farming business plan pdf.

Join the Quail Raising Association

By joining such an association, you will be able to connect and network with many people; both producers and customers. Either way, you are marketing your quail farming business.

Advertise your Quail Products

Who doesn’t know that advertising is the most popular way of selling your products? Mind you; advertising doesn’t cost. Instead, it pays. Just have very concise, clear and attractive ads and brochures to catch the eyes of any potential customers. Advertising makes more people aware of your quail farming business.

Keep your quail farm neat

Any prospective customer will judge you and your products by appearance. Just make sure everything is neat and presentable, including your employees; it doesn’t cost you that much.

Sell yourself

The first impression always matters. So, make it a good one. Have thorough knowledge of the quail business and show interest in your customers. Remember to answer your customer’s questions with enthusiasm

Try and satisfy your customers

Very important……no satisfied customer will not want to come back. Just make sure you give to your customers what you promise or even more. They will come tomorrow and even bring a friend.

Always be honest

Honest is the best policy. Don’t you know that? Your lies may sell a few quail birds and their quail products, but be sure they will ruin your future quail business. So be honest with all your customers and build a lasting reputation for your business.

In conclusion, each time you undersell your quail bird, you are making its future price.