Chinese products are quite good in quality and the cost of production there is also cheaper than what you get here. Thus, just like many other businesses you may also order your products in Chinese factory. You can be sure that they will manufacture it by maintaining the quality of the product. However, there is a problem in all this. How will you know that whether the business with whom you will be conducting business actually have a factory or not? There are many organizations that do not have their own factory and source products from other to sell it to you. Hopefully you do not want to do business with such company. Then the question is how will you verify factory in China?

Look out for trusted organizations

The first thing that you must do is look out for organizations that are trusted. Once you get the name of the factory you must start looking for different other things. The best way to do that is of course internet. The supplier with whom you are working must have a website and other credentials to their name. Check those out. Just do not rely on the website of the supplier but look out for other sources. If possible try to find out reviews about the supplier so that you know that they are good enough to work with.

Check Chinese suppliers’ directories

The next thing that you must work on is with the Chinese supplier directories. From that you will be able to get the list of different suppliers who supply the products that you are looking for. If you start looking at the directories you will find communities who are already working with factories in China. You can ask them about references and also ask different questions to know about different manufacturers.

Make a phone call

Most of the time when the supplier is a scammer will not provide their contact information in their website or even in the directory. They will try to do everything online. However, if you find the contact information you must call them and ask about different information, like their license number and their registered office and all those. The best thing is that you call them at their landline. Someone with a mobile number and not with a landline may buzz an alarm in your mind. Any reputed business will always have their own landline.

Conduct a factory audit

You can gather different information about the factory but when you talk with them specify that you will conduct a factory audit before you issue the purchase order to them. With a factory audit it will be possible for you to get different information about the factory and you can also take the decision if they are the right people for doing business with. These audits will also let you know rightly about the claims that are done by the supplier about their production capability. Once done, you can be sure that it’s a good supplier to work with.