Christmas Card

Families and friends are essential pillars we require throughout the year for support. In the very end, it is always great to appreciate them during the Christmas and festive season. Not just with words, but also with a card that they can preserve and retrieve. Various pre-made cards are available for sale at the stores. However, if you really want to add a personalized touch, you should customize the card to make it more appealing. Mixbook offers printable Christmas thank you cards designed so that you can personalize to your satisfaction. Try it for amazing templates.

Many people run out of ideas when it comes to making cards. Mixbook offers ready templates and themes to ease the process. Here are amazing tips to further customize the card:

Adding illustrations

Because you are sending the card to a loved one, you must have an idea of an illustration that might excite them. You can even choose according to their occupation or hobby. For example, if they love cooking, find a cooking-related illustration when sending the card to make it more appealing than sending a card with just random pictures.

Family photos

If you show gratitude to a family member, you can go through your photos to find the best high-quality picture to incorporate. Not only will the picture bring back beautiful memories, but it will also send an unwritten message that you are thinking of them. If the business wants to thank its loyal clients, it can add a photo of the entire staff team to make it more appealing.

Travel photos

Travel memories are also another perfect idea to make the card stand out from the ordinary. If you have been on a road trip with the target member, you can find a suitable photo you too took while watching the word together, and make sure you feature it on the Christmas card. If there are several, make it into a theme to tell a story.

Santa costume

If you do not have suitable photos with you, try out Santa Claus. This one will surely raise the Christmas spirits high and give an impression almost similar to that of personal photos. To make it greater, send a photo of you wearing the Santa costume, either in the past or present. It will definitely make your target smile all the way.

Customized symbols

Find letters or asterisks that will have a personal meaning to the reader. Also, find the right font that will make your card stand out and drive the message home. Also, importantly, make sure the colors are all in the Christmas mood to alleviate the spirit. With that, your appreciation will be received with a smile.

Designing a card from scratch is usually one of the hardest things. Luckily, Mixbook takes away this worry for you. Access it today and find numerous templates and themes to choose from. Then, customize them to fit your needs and submit them for printing. It can’t get any easier than this.