Printed umbrellas are a very useful promotional item. They are useful in both the summer and winter. In the summer they are perfect for creating some shade, allowing for some respite from the sun. In the winter, you can shelter from the wind and rain.  Therefore, in both seasons the umbrellas are the perfect promotional items. Printed umbrellas are the best advertising tool when in use, it is a large item with a large print area. The open canvas of an umbrellas allows you to show your logo and a promotional message.

Also, with the addition of many different frame options to choose from it allows you to have an umbrella that is perfectly suited to your promotional needs. These frames come with a range of features, one of the most popular frames in the printed umbrellas category is a stormproof frame as it allows for the umbrella to be used in both windy and rainy conditions.

With a choice of colours available for the canopy, there is always bound to be one that will suit your promotional needs. There are many different colours that will suit any promotional need, so how do you choose the colour that suits your business? Well that answer is pretty simple. You should always check with your promotional products supplier which Pantone colour the umbrellas canopy is. If you don’t check then you could end up having the wrong shade of your colour. There are a lot of different Pantone colours within each general colour, therefor it is essential that you check.

There are 4 main types of promotional umbrellas that are normally used. They are telescopic, walking, golf and parasols. With these four types, each one allows you to hit a different target audience. Telescopic umbrellas are best for people who commute mainly via public transport as they are easily stored in bags. Walking umbrellas are best suited to city professionals. This is mainly due to size of the umbrella, as it has the same properties as a golf umbrella but has a smaller canopy. Golf umbrellas are perfect for those who are aspiring to be a golfer, or even a corporate golf day. Finally, parasols are perfect for events and shop fronts. The parasols are not really to be given to customers but to be used by the business to advertise where they are.

How to get print your promotional umbrella?

You can look for a company which deals with printed advertisement material and get the umbrella canvas printed from there and then move to an umbrella manufacturer that will help you to manufacture the desired promotional umbrella. But this way is very costly and might consume a lot of time also. So the better way to save time as well as money is to hire a company that deals in printed umbrella. These types of companies ask you the design you want on your umbrella and print the same on the canvas as well as mount the canvas to the umbrella frame so that it can be directly used by you as mode of advertisement. Now you can distribute these umbrellas to the needed ones so that they can act as advertising agent for you and spread your advertisement among more and more people.