If you have to handle people with guns, you should know how to react in this particular situation. It does not matter if you are lying on the ground, and the gun is next to you, or you already have it, because you have to know how to survive in a gunfight.

Therefore, as soon as you pick up the gun, you should know how to pull the magazine, click here,  and check how many rounds it has. At the same time, you will not be in a situation where you can do it easily because others will be around you, and bullets will bounce around.

You will be in a crawling position, having a gun next to you, and the ability to spare a few moments before your life is at stake. As a result, you have to learn how to survive a shootout by following these tips.

1.Bring Sidearm Pistol

Being in a world where potential shootouts can happen all the time brings us to questions about gun rights. However, to avoid the politics, if you have chances of obtaining a licensed weapon, you should take that advantage with open arms.

At the same time, finding someone else’s gun is challenging, and you may lose plenty of time reloading and checking whether it works. Therefore, you should have a backup plan in case something goes wrong.

Having a sidearm pistol is a perfect solution because you will have up to 30 rounds. Of course, you can also use it as a secondary weapon in case you have to find cover. Obtaining a license means that you will have to learn the essential things such as reloading, shooting and carrying it around.It also implies you should be able to differentiate between ammo, rifle accessories, and AR-10 rifle kits to begin with.

That will make you more aware of situations around, which will ultimately give you the courage to handle stressful moments such are shootouts and active shooter. Remember that going face to face with the shooter is the unwise thing and that you should use it as the last line of defense.

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2.Learn Where the Ejection Port Is

Even though you watched plenty of shootout movies, most of them are not valid about one thing: bullet casings. Each weapon features an ejection port, and after shooting, it is hotter than hell. The main reason why you should learn about ejection port is that firearms can jam easily.

That happens mostly when the bullet is not appropriately placed, and it did not reach the gun, as it should. Therefore, if you are carrying one arm, you should learn how to fix a weapon jam in a matter of seconds.

Shooting beginners will learn quickly that second reason why you should know where ejection port is because some weapons can fire bullet casings onto your skin, which is hot and will leave a mark on your skin.

In most cases, it is on the right side of the weapon, so you should be prepared for the pain, especially because in shootouts, you will not be able to do it quickly without further effects.

3.Understand When to Shoot and When to Run

It is vital to understand that if you are not the one shooting, the wisest decision is to run as fast as possible. Try to tell people around you to do the same thing, and you should synchronize along the way.

If you are the one retreating, some person from your team should shoot while you are running, and it does not matter whether you are in bunker hideout, abandoned building or public space. The same thing works in the attack.

You should shoot while someone from your team runs, and vice versa. This particular process is known as covering, and you have probably heard about it in numerous law enforcement TV shows and films.

This particular technique is also known as fire and movement, and if you had military training, you probably know about it. When it comes to making shots, you should see the enemy’s position beforehand; control your breathing, which will help you aim better.

4.Consider These Three Things

It does not matter if you are diving, ducking, or firing shots during the gunfight survival, because there are other things you should know and pay attention to the possible cover, people that you care about and people that are shooting at you.

Following these three things will allow you to determine your current position, and to avoid friendly fire and other issues that may suddenly happen. Of course, always know where your enemy is by analyzing where you last saw him and where he is right now.

You should also watch this especially if your friends are moving towards exit because that way you can cover them and avoid additional issues. If your friend has a gun, you should listen for two distinctive fire shots, which will allow you to determine where to go next.

Similarly, as we have mentioned above, in case he is shooting, you should move, and if you did not hear shots from him, it means that his weapon is jammed, which means that you should try to start a fire to save him from the current situation.

Finally, it is always essential to determine the next location where you should go. In case you are in retreat, it means that you should put solid and substantial things behind you and run away. On the other hand, if you are attacking, everything will be in front of you.

Remember that you should always check for covering spots because that way, you will be able to protect yourself.

5.As Soon as Shooter Notices You, You’re down

You should repeat this phrase to yourself along the way because when you start retreating, you should know that as soon as you are seen, everything would turn out bad for you. You should find ways to move while reducing the shooter’s possibility to maim and kill you.

That is the main reason why you should run in zigzag, and by doing this, you will be able to reduce the possibility of being shot. The best thing that you can do is to avoid being seen at all, but since that may be challenging, you should know how to run.