office space in houston

Office space in Houston is a premium. That’s because it’s a major economic center, not only of the region, but also for many international companies.

Houston is a hot market. As one of the biggest cities in the United States and a major international transportation hub, the city attracts opportunities from across the world. Getting into the neighborhoods and taking advantage of the latest developments in the real estate market is the best way to make sure you’re getting office space in Houston at a competitive price.

Good deals on rent go a long way toward making your commercial venture successful. Whether you’re expanding your operations or moving into your first office space, you want to get the lowest cost per square foot that you can in order to keep overhead down and maximize your working capital. The best way to do this is to look into the things you need in an office space and then work out from there. Here are some of the most commonly requested features in a professional working space.

No Worries

One of the biggest pitfalls businesses face when they’re moving into a new space is all of the extra things they have to take care of that they weren’t expecting. When you’re looking at properties, make sure that everything you need out of your rental is listed. If it isn’t listed, you probably won’t get it. This is especially true of services you might take for granted, like access to janitorial staff and use of conference rooms or other building common areas.

Look for properties that give you the option to access your office space all day and all night. The best office space in Houston will also have essentials, such as kitchen spaces and shared photocopy facilities, and might even include them in rental packages.


Some business models don’t need permanent brick and mortar offices, especially in this age of globally distributed companies, telecommuting and internet service or retail organizations. If you just need some space for a few months to house a think tank or springboard your organization into its next phase, then you’ll need a shorter lease.

Tenantswith shorter terms will also benefit from furnished options. Look for rental units that have a full range of amenities so you can have the flexibility to choose whether or not you want certain equipment and furnishings.

Great Location

One of the most important things about a location is the access you have to transportation. Look for Houston office space that’s on major roadways, like Highway 59, I-10 and the Inner Loop. These roadways are the best way to get around Houston and connect to the various business districts, commercial areas and transportation centers. The closer you are to these highways, the easier it is to do business in the city

You might have specific criteria that define the type of office space in Houston that you need. However, you’re most likely to get something that fits your needs or can be adapted to them by setting some standards. Look for good connection with transportation and a full range of amenities. Also, look for flexibility in the terms of the rental as well as the types of furnishings available. That way, you can get a selection of prime properties and narrow down your choices based on the ones that fit your individual needs best.