So you are cleaning and you take a great amount of pride to show to guests your clean home when they stop in to visit; however, and this is sometimes the hardest to digest, you have a spot in the upholstery on your couch. To make matters worse when guests come over and if the little pillow that hides the spot is moved the big spot will reveal itself. How can the spot be removed? This article will give you several tricks to help you clean your upholstery.

Use a Bristle Brush

Professional upholstery workers say the number one tip to cleaning spots and the like on upholstery is simply to use a small brush to remove unwanted stains on your furniture. A vacuum won’t be able to reach into places too narrow, but a small brush with bristles can do the trick. Using a high powered vacuum on a sofa can destroy the threads. Though you want to do it yourself (DIY) you can also use the expert knowledge of those who handled the furniture before they delivered it to you. Sometimes the best solution is to use preventative care. Before you make your phone call to the store or manufacturer check to see if there is a manual that comes with the original paperwork.

Look at the Tag

Every furniture maker often uses a tag on their product to show the recommended way to clean their furniture. Without a tag to indicate the way the manufacturer envisioned the furniture being cleaned it is hard to know what is the best method. If a tag cannot be located on your furniture a quick call to the store where you purchased the furniture. Call the furniture salesperson who sold you the furniture and asks for a care manual. The store salesperson is trained in cleaning every piece of furniture they sell. Also, there are things you can do for stain removal, before you invite over a professional

Contacting a professional

As an example of finding an upholstery cleaner, we will use Chesapeake as the target city. After you enter online, either thru computer, iPad, or smartphone look for some upholstery cleaning chesapeake va. Doing so will bring up several upholstery professionals you can contact and explain your stain. The keyword search is great for finding a service that does upholstery cleaning near you.

It is an introduction to selecting an upholstery cleaning professional. Using a search engine is like going to a restaurant that has a set menu, but you still have to select items from the menu. They can answer your questions and offer you practical solutions. At their shop, there may be solutions that they sell for your furniture or fabric. After you have explained what kind of spot, the solutions you’ve tried, and what you have not tried, the professional upholstery cleaner will give you their professional advice and acknowledge whether they can help you. What fee they will charge and the probability that they can clean your material.