Business to business (B2B), which means business to business, is a model of transmission of information on the network related to business transactions that companies around the world make. In the world of marketing, business to business is known as a way of operating between companies directly such as business to business since it encompasses the operations of a commercial nature that firms perform among themselves and without depending on the final customer. The Global Trade b2b Marketplace involve in the type of marketing strategy that companies aim at other companies instead of a consumer.

Through Business to Business, a type of electronic commerce is developed that encompasses different online activities such as the purchase of goods and services using tools such as credit cards or other electronic wallet or Internet payment services. Some of the main advantages derived from the use of B2B actions have to do especially with the recent evolution of the online environment and its vital importance in day to day life. The Global Trade b2b Marketplace involves the realization of business operations more quickly and safely to develop between the electronic systems of the corresponding companies. In the same way, this helps to increase the number of transactions and, therefore, contribute to the growth of competition. On the other hand, the B2B helps the commercial activity suffer, however, this rapid increase reduction of management costs that result in higher margins for the selling companies.

As indicated at the beginning, the Business to Business definition itself assumes that the final customer is not taken into account in its transactions. For this other type of activity, there is another phenomenon more specific to customers and known as Business to consumer. Companies that identify with a B2B service accept that the group of potential customers they have is much less than if they were directed to current customers and not to other businesses. However, the positive aspect of this fact is that in this way the customer can personalize their product and the marketing strategies used for their marketing to a greater extent. In this regard, it is common that, due to the nature of their sales, companies maintain customer loyalty relationships among themselves and maintaining suppliers over certain periods of time. This is also important due to complexity for getting the new business customers. Normally companies are helped by multiple specific platforms in the network to look for these business relationships.

In the same way, business to business marketplace can also help themselves to existing business exchanges by geographical areas or by industrial sectors, as well as in publications and printed media that fulfill this information task. The practice with B2B is common in the daily work of wholesale companies that opt for electronic commerce or in other companies that offer goods and services to others such as consultants and auditors. The b2b marketplace has emerged during the last two decades which result in a variation of implementing business to business market strategy.