Fire always does damage to your home and often human lives, even if it is small in size. After a fire, smoke and soot adds to the damage and require immediate action to repair and restore. Fire burns and do structural damage and produce smoke pollution and soot residues which get permanent if left untreated.

After extinguishing a fire, the affected area is left with water, dry chemical residues which complicated the problem. When different materials burn in a fire, they produce toxic chemicals and acidic compounds which corrode metals. The smoke odour may reach every nook and corner and linger in the interior atmosphere. Its invisible and visible toxic ingredients are harmful to people living in a house. Soot residue discolours the interior of house and objects and needs a deep cleaning.

You need to call fire and smoke damage repair company for the cleanup, repair and restoration of your house right after fire. They are available 24/7 and gives a quick response on your call. They have professionals who are fully licensed and skilled to provide you with various services for the restoration of your damaged building. These technicians can work on all sizes of fire-damaged projects including commercial and residential buildings. They have certified techs who can serve in water damage, fire restoration, smoke and soot cleanup, sewer backup and storm damage from start to finish.

They work with your insurance company during the whole procedure to ensure that your house is restored back to pre-fire condition as soon as possible.

The quick response of a restoration company ensures the most of recovery of your property. Their techs do the survey and made the estimation of repair and its costs according to the severity of the fire and smoke damage. They look keenly at fire damaged area and make a plan of action. There may be some issues which are hidden under the debris but their experience helps them to identify the hidden damage. The professionals from restoration company are equipped with latest tools, cleaning agents and equipment to start the mitigating damage.

After water removal dehumidifiers, air movers and other types of equipment are used to efficient removal of moisture. Disinfectants and antimicrobials are used to prevent mould growth.

Smoke needs proper deep cleaning and restoration as its unpleasant odour penetrate deeply in everything present in house; it can only be done by technical staff. Professionals use safety gear and safe cleaning agents to perform the cleaning process. They isolate the damaged area from the occupied area using ventilation. The damaged area is sanitized and deodorized to purify the air inside the home.

The techs know the severity of fire damage and do the tearing and rebuilding of structural damage such as drywall, doors, windows, ceilings, fixtures and air ducts. Cleaning includes removing water, debris, soot residues and smoke odour. They clean and restore documents, electronics, carpets, upholstery and clothes by using different cleaning procedures and tools. The technicians have experience of cleaning and restoring your valuable possession safely and store them till the restoration and your home become livable again.