Music, they say, is a universal language. This is why businesses around the world use music to promote their products and attract the attention of customers. One of the ways through which businesses use music is by hiring the services of an on hold company. The service provider will ensure that recorded music plays whenever telephone callers are placed on hold. By filling the silence the heavy silence before a customer service representative picks the call, this helps to enhance the experience of callers. It is important for businesses to pick professional music if they are to realize the associated benefits.
Helps to retain callers
If callers hear silence when they have been placed on hold, they may think that they have been disconnected. Research shows that callers who hear silence on hold are likely to hang up in about 40 seconds. When callers hear music or marketing messages, they will stay online for around 4 minutes. The messages will help to retain customers and improve sales.
Can be used as a marketing tool
When customers make a call to your company, it means that they are interested in the products you offer. Since you will have the full attention of these customers, it is important to take advantage of the opportunity to market the products. You should ensure timely promotions, offer more information and execute corporate branding.
Projects a professional image
Creating a corporate brand is one of the ways of building the trust that customers have in you. As callers are waiting to get the assistance they seek, you should use the unique opportunity to strengthen your corporate brand. When you use this time to answer the phone professionally, you will influence the opinion that callers have about your business.
Psychologically reduces hold time
Customers will be frustrated if they hear silence before a customer service agent answers their calls. When callers feel that they have been placed on hold for a long time, they may hang up, leading to lost sales. Listening to music and marketing messages will psychologically reduce the hold time. This will project your business as a serious enterprise that values its customers.
Improves customer service
One of the factors that contribute towards the success of any business is how it handles its customers. When you maintain contact with customers before their call is answered, they will feel that the business is attentive to their needs. Such messages may end up introducing new products that some callers may not have been aware your company provides. You can also mention more of what you do, allowing customers to seek more information once their call has been answered.
Businesses should choose music and messages that represent their brand. If you choose a reliable on hold company, you will get expert advice on how to enjoy the benefits mentioned.